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Laureus Sport for Good's ultimate goal is to help less fortunate people enjoy a better life through the power of sport. And along with the family of projects Laureus supports worldwide, this goal is being pursued all year round.

Laureus-supported community projects now span every continent and work passionately toward bringing positive social change and helping individuals overcome the difficulties they face. This is all achieved through teaching the values that exist in taking part in sport; values such as teamwork, respect for others and hard work. Most projects also have complementary programmes such as educational and life skills workshops.

The issues Laureus and the supported projects work to address are by no means simple, and the challenges ahead are great. Nevertheless, social problems as diverse as drugs abuse, tension between communities, racial and religious intolerance and HIV/AIDS are being confronted through the power of sport so that a brighter future can be reached.

Projects worldwide striving to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals are supported by the Global Foundation and a growing network of subsidiary National Foundations in Argentina, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United States.

There is of course much work to be done but as Academy member Nawal El Moutawakel has said, “We cannot change the world overnight but we can start one playing field at a time.”


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