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Project overview

Perseverance instead of quitting: With the wirmachenwelle programme, European kids (age 11 - 17 years) receive support through sport – especially surfing – for at least a year. The project builds partnerships with local schools, youth welfare and sport clubs to reach the kids. Since 2017 the wirmachenwelle project is active in five different locations.

Throughout a school year the kids participate in at least one wirmachenwelle sport course a week. Those courses are designed to prepare the kids for the last part of the programme – the Adventure Week. The week includes daily surfing sessions in the ocean. That is why the year-round courses use related sport disciplines such as skateboarding, stand-up-paddling and swimming. In addition to that, the project includes pedagogic methods in order to give emotional support and guidance for the kids.

Therefore, the wirmachenwelle programme does not only improve the kids overall fitness and abilities in the water but they also learn to believe in themselves and their goals. The project teaches the kids perseverance, team work and to cope with frustration or negative feelings. Those social skills are essential for their personal development and a self-determined life.

The highlight of the programme – the Adventure Week in Portugal – connects sportive activities with an intercultural exchange. This broadens the kids’ horizon and develops attributes such as tolerance and empathy.

Project data